About Us

While deployed in Iraq, Verstaan co-founder Joshua faced a series of life-threatening scenarios that arose due to a lack of intelligence.


On one occasion, his vehicle was the last to drive through a checkpoint before an improvised explosive device detonated, resulting in mass casualties for the following convoy’s vehicles. Other regions, such as Afghanistan, his team faced the challenge of an extraordinary volume of misplaced mines. Failing intelligence resulted in teams finding themselves discovering the dangers in crossing Soviet-era minefields all to late.

Joshua later discovered the gaps in critical intelligence and dissemination of information throughout the private sector were not only apparent on land, but also within the maritime sector. Noticing that administrators and operation centers required a better solution to understand the high-risk areas that require critical information to operate within, Verstaan was born.

Verstaan is comprised of military and intelligence veterans and Ivy League researchers. Centuries of collective security experience give us a deep understanding of complex threats and the extreme consequences of security failures. The goal of Atlas is to overcome these barriers for the private sector in order to keep operators safe and operations running efficiently.