A comprehensive threat intelligence platform.

Predict and understand complex threats before they emerge.

Atlas allows operators in the field to visualize relevant threats occuring around them, as well as areas of higher risk forecasted by our analysts. They can input reports of incidents or other relevant threats, such as a mine field, to alert other operators in the area regardless of the company they are working for. 

This allows everyone in the area to benefit from one another's experiences and keep each other safe by sharing useful data in realtime. 

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How Atlas works

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    Intel Sharing Reliable data in real-time

    The first aspect of Atlas is intelligence sharing among security and law enforcement professionals. It allows for instantaneous sharing of threat intelligence between professionals in the same area, and this data can be trusted without undue (and time consuming) verification because this aspect of the platform is restricted to security and law enforcement.

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    Forecasting Proactive assessment

    Second, Atlas provides users with threat forecasts, which give both team leaders and personnel in the field insight into areas of high risk, which can be noted for proactive patrol or avoided when planning the safest route from point A to point B.

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    Command & Control Increased communication

    Finally, command & control functionality allows security team leaders to monitor their personnel in the field. This includes a notification system in which team leaders are notified when an operator enters a forecasted risk area or sends an alert.

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